One day change fans! Rolex Emerald

rolex replica watches Although advocating practical design, but also produced some luxury diamond models, but they and Rolex's conventional uk replica watches are installed in the simple design of the green box. Here is a value of 430,000 euros (about 3,147,430 yuan) of the labor: rolex uk Platinum & Emerald Day-Date 40 watch (Ref.228396TEM). Due to the need for longer manufacturing time, making Rolex's high-level jewelry watch is very rare: the outer side of the precious stones bezel will take 1 to 2 weeks or so, each natural gemstone color and texture are nuanced, The difficulty of selection and practical operation. In order to achieve a unified tone of the bezel, you need to go through hundreds of manual sorting in order to choose from a thousand gems in one, after all, not artificial gemstones, so the final product may be the final color or there will be nuances, Did not see it ... Screening the color is only the first step to do, cutting also need to protect the height of each gem of the same, strong and beautiful can only meet the standard. 40 mm dial inlaid with high quality colorless diamond cutting is high quality, you can through the degree of the disk to make a simple judgment. As a "more true" brand, it is natural to set up an independent gem laboratories, from the selection to the finished product even better than the market a lot of precious stones factory. Details are still fine. This emerald full of Rolex, is the 2015 debut of the platinum "President" (Ref.228396) for the prototype to build, so the appearance of the two are very similar. At the same time, both are equipped with self-produced Cal.3255 self-winding movement, is said to be the first through the Rolex than ever more stringent internal test movement (day error of ± 2S), each 3255 are easily made COSC Certification (day error is -4 / + 6S). This week the calendar type watch even make labor to raise more than one grade (of course, offer also with the upgrade), to feel the user actually hand figure, simply the United States to the original explosion. Some people say that look good? Really have the opportunity to get people who still care about those who did not, the value that is justice, Rolex is the quality, obediently look at the map.